Discover 30 Empowerment Truths about God’s over-the-top, non-stop, salvation-securing, ever-enduring, shame-destroying, religion-annoying GRACE.

REVIVAL OF THE Bible Petition.

By signing, you are becoming a part of ONE-MILLION STRONG SUPPORTERS of the BIBLE.

I petition Congress, Government officials, and the President of the United States to pass laws supporting the values of the Bible, including, but not limited to:

  1. Protecting life in the womb
  2. Marriage as defined in Scripture
  3. Students’ rights to have the Bible in public schools

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The Personal Empowerment New Testament with Proverbs will EMPOWER your life in a fresh, personal, and exciting way.

  • 170 of Terry Tripp’s personal notes
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“I was absolutely astonished by this.
It’s seriously one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received.” – Liv (Portland, TN)

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In November 2014, the LORD impressed upon me to stop charging for the Gospel. Any material on this website is available for ANY SIZE DONATION.

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May this song I wrote and produced in tribute to my mom resonate with you and articulate your words for any loved one who is ‘Irreplaceable‘ in your life.

Join me downtown Nashville, TN as I speak from my book, GRACE ON STEROIDS!

This brief video highlights the message, music, and ministry of Terry Tripp.

Have you ever asked, “WHERE IS GOD” in a situation?
Terry shows from scripture where God is… ALL OF THE TIME.

Locate a Church near you that teaches the love & grace of God through the finished work of Jesus Christ.