Discover 30 Empowerment Truths about God’s over-the-top, non-stop, salvation-securing, ever-enduring, shame-destroying, religion-annoying GRACE.


The Personal Empowerment New Testament with Proverbs will EMPOWER your life in a fresh, personal, and exciting way.

  • 170 of Terry Tripp’s personal notes
  • 50 verses with your name included within the verse
  • And MORE!

“I was absolutely astonished by this.
It’s seriously one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received.” – Liv (Portland, TN)

Terry Tripp’s Psalm 23 experience

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Terry Tripp

the message

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This brief video highlights the message, music, and ministry of Terry Tripp.

Have you ever asked, “WHERE IS GOD” in a situation?
Terry shows from scripture where God is… ALL OF THE TIME.

Locate a Church near you that teaches the love & grace of God through the finished work of Jesus Christ.