The Personal Empowerment New Testament with Proverbs will EMPOWER your life in a fresh, personal, and exciting way.

  • 170 of Terry Tripp’s personal notes
  • 50 verses with your name included within the verse
  • And MORE!

“I was absolutely astonished by this.
It’s seriously one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received.” – Liv (Portland, TN)

Terry Tripp’s Psalm 23 experience

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Is Jesus building us a mansion in heaven? Or, ARE WE THE DWELLING He prepared? This is from The Personal Empowerment New Testament (with Proverbs).

Have you ever asked, “WHERE IS GOD in my situation?”
In this segment, Terry shows from scripture exactly where God is… ALL OF THE TIME.

Terry shares his encounter with an angry bird! As astounding as it may seem, this is a true story. 

Join Terry on his tv show as he shares a message from his best-selling book, Shut The Hell Up.

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