SHUT THE HELL UP (30 Day Series)

If the title of this book shocks you, GOOD! That’s the purpose. It’s time we get shocked to the realization that millions of people are being paralyzed with fear, worry and stress, caused by A ROAR.  HELL is screaming FEAR, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, DISEASE, FINANCIAL PRESSURE, FAMILY CRISIS and DEATH. However, God has given us three, what Terry calls, weapons, that empower us to silence hell; The Cross, The Word and Our Praise. As you discover these weapons, not only will hell be silenced, but a new sound will be released: FAITH, VICTORY AND HEAVEN!

The title of the book is startling, but the content is thought provoking. The roaring that takes place in one’s life can be silenced. The author does an excellent job in teaching you how to silence it. -Jean Warren

Empower Minute


Seen daily on 10 television networks, Empower Minute segments are a variety of mini-messages, all around one minute, produced to sow the seeds of God’s Word into your life.

Common Empower Minute Uses:

  • For churches to use before services.
  • For Pastors to use to setup their messages
  • For you to quickly be empowered in your time of need.
  • For you to share with your friends and family needing an empowering message.

All are designed to equip you to live life with hope and victory.  How will you use Empower Minute messages?

Empower Minute Plus videos are 3-5 minute segments allowing a little more time to bring a deeper insight into the topic.


  • Was the younger boy really “the Prodigal Son?
  • What is a “pig pen” for many people?
  • When did his father forgive him?
  • What kept the older son from enjoying the party grace provided?